Winter Whiner

My dad says the only good thing about winter is that there are no flies. I am not looking forward to winter. This has nothing to do with the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's; they are all fun for me and not stressful. I am strictly talking about the weather. Bah humbug on that, indeed.... Continue Reading →

Planning For Autonomous Vehicles

As a member of the local planning board I was very interested in reading the Op-Ed from the LA Times on preparing for the age of autonomous vehicles. Steven Strauss argues that just as turn of the century planners worried about dealing with waste from the 20 million horses used for travel instead of the... Continue Reading →

HH Milk

This is a short story I wrote a few years ago that ties in with yesterday's post on Rise of the Robot Farmer. One spot in retrospect is a little over the top, but I thought it was a good enough read to share again.   Jane walked down the stairs dressed and ready for... Continue Reading →

My Fair Lady Cows

While Professor Henry Higgens was able to work wonders with dear Eliza, I am afraid he would be at his wits end if he endured the challenge of teaching manners to any of our dear cows.  I'm not sure anyone ever bragged about dairy cows and their manners. And some are worse than others. But... Continue Reading →

While I Was Being Normal 

Hard to believe that yesterday while I was caring for our cows and my sick little four year old that other people were in a totally different frame of mind. They did not partake of building, loving, and saving and what normal life should be like. Instead they were planning death and destruction.  My thoughts... Continue Reading →

First World Soy Milk Problems

In what I would describe as a "first world problem," Marian Bull writes in The Eater about The Death of Soy Milk. The article explains how those choosing a dairy free option at coffee shops are increasingly turning from prepackaged soy milk in favor of something more esoteric or a made-in-house fake milk. The non... Continue Reading →

Ask Those Farmers!

I like to think I know a little about dairy farming. I get this joke, for instance. There's much I don't know in other fields of agriculture. That makes me a lot like an average consumer. But I don't have to be average if I choose not to be. Earlier this year I was asked... Continue Reading →

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