Backyard Dairy Cow

As a dairy farmer one of the questions I get asked is about how one would go about having one or two cows to milk for their family. While I definitely don't want to discourage anyone from farming or being involved in agriculture, caring for dairy cows is not easy. Is that an inside cow... Continue Reading →

Calculated Cruelty Cover

 There it is. The debut of the cover of my next John Steele rural detective book. I like it quite a bit. Okay, I hope no one thinks it looks like the hand is holding a wand. Right. So, recently I committed a murder. Hack and slash type. Wait, before you judge me I want... Continue Reading →

Hormone Free Milk

For a treat today the family went out to enjoy some delicious frozen yogurt from Menchie's. As a dairy farmer I couldn't help but notice the California Milk logo on the bowls and had to investigate. I thought it was fascinating that one sole farm supplied all of their stores. While I knew what they... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Meal

A long time ago when I was a newlywed I often spoke of the idea of the perfect meal. Well, the perfect meal for a man. This probably came about from the massive volume of dishes I believed my new wife used in crafting our meals. We split the chores; she cooked and I cleaned.... Continue Reading →

Bull Calves On Our Dairy

This calf is not the future of our herd.  I didn't really want this calf. I didn't really want a bull calf. But that's where the negativity ends. All calves, and I do mean all of them, are raised exactly the same on our farm. We don't do anything differently just because a calf is... Continue Reading →

Happiness and Milk and Cookies 

Today I saw happiness in three words was trending on Twitter and so I joined in with this Milk and cookies. #My3WordHappiness — Ryan Bright (@Farmerbright) November 3, 2015 // Immediately after posting I wondered if anyone would argue that I should have included family, faith, love, etc instead. So far so good on that... Continue Reading →

Trick or Treating DST

Today I woke up on new time and felt like I'd tricked myself. You see we did not roll the clocks back yesterday morning like everyone else did. The cows, like me, don't necessarily like change, and they dislike quick change more than anything. Change for them can include dropping milk production so we try... Continue Reading →

30 Days And a New Blog

I've had the urge to do something different in blogging. Part of me has always regretted not using WordPress before and I decided to revisit it. And then I saw a 30 day challenge. A great way to jump start it? We'll see.     I wanted to try something new here where I felt like... Continue Reading →

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