If You Give A Dairy Farmer Some Ice Cream….

If you give a dairy farmer some ice cream... He'll probably think about milking cows. And if he thinks about milking cows then he'll probably think about feeding cows. If he thinks about feeding cows then he'll probably think about harvesting. Harvesting makes him think about tractors. When he's riding his tractor he might see... Continue Reading →

The Milk and Cookie Ratio

From the dawn of time, man has searched for the answers to the universe. Who am I? Where did I come from? What am I supposed to do? How many cookies should I eat with my glass of milk? The last of these I have pondered for years. After another exhaustive testing period over lunch,... Continue Reading →

Celebrating National Milk Day

Creamer for coffee Milk and cereal Buttered toast Yogurt smoothie Grilled cheese sandwich Mac n cheese Loaded baked potato with sour cream How will you celebrate National Milk Day? Milk and cookies Milkshake Ice cream Sundae......  

Antibiotics In Our Milk

What is one of the worst phone calls a dairyman could ever receive? "Hey, Farmer Bright. You are going to have to buy that last milk truck tanker. Your sample tested positive for antibiotics. You polluted all of the other farmer's milk on the entire load. You have to pay for it." No farmer ever... Continue Reading →

Fred The Farm Cat

Fearless Fred the farm cat is the last of three strays that someone dropped off at our farm about five years ago. His brothers were also orange, but had fewer lives. One lost a race with a car and the other a fight with a cow.   Fred is an adventurer, and I am sure... Continue Reading →

HH Milk

This is a short story I wrote a few years ago that ties in with yesterday's post on Rise of the Robot Farmer. One spot in retrospect is a little over the top, but I thought it was a good enough read to share again.   Jane walked down the stairs dressed and ready for... Continue Reading →

First World Soy Milk Problems

In what I would describe as a "first world problem," Marian Bull writes in The Eater about The Death of Soy Milk. The article explains how those choosing a dairy free option at coffee shops are increasingly turning from prepackaged soy milk in favor of something more esoteric or a made-in-house fake milk. The non... Continue Reading →

Hormone Free Milk

For a treat today the family went out to enjoy some delicious frozen yogurt from Menchie's. As a dairy farmer I couldn't help but notice the California Milk logo on the bowls and had to investigate. I thought it was fascinating that one sole farm supplied all of their stores. While I knew what they... Continue Reading →

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