To Stream Or Not To Stream

The good times are ending. Our Amazon Music trial is over next Thursday. The kids have listened to myriad show tunes and I've played Tomorrow The Green Grass on an endless loop while feeding the calves.  After this we're facing a dilemma of renew or not. Definitely, as another song the kids play often,  a... Continue Reading →

How About Ya, Rhinestone

We didn't have cellphones growing up, but perhaps we had something that worked better. We had had CB radios. Citizen Band radios weren't just for truck drivers. We had them in all of our houses and on the tractors so we could call each other as needed. One of the coolest things about a CB... Continue Reading →

The Heat Is On

I took this picture Sunday while the sunshine I happily greeted came and began the melting we wee waiting for. Looking back at the photo I thought about a title and The Heat Is On came to mind. And Glen Frey.  Growing up I thought the Eagles were country musicians because the local country station... Continue Reading →

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