If You Give A Dairy Farmer Some Ice Cream….

If you give a dairy farmer some ice cream... He'll probably think about milking cows. And if he thinks about milking cows then he'll probably think about feeding cows. If he thinks about feeding cows then he'll probably think about harvesting. Harvesting makes him think about tractors. When he's riding his tractor he might see... Continue Reading →

Carla Wardin: Dairy Farmer and Author

Today I have the privilege of interviewing dairy farmer and writer Carla Wardin. After previously publishing two non-fiction books, Every Other Twin Book is Wrong and Where the Filed Things Are, she has now released her first work of fiction, Sawyer In The Woods. A mom, farmer, and U.S. Farmers and Ranchers ambassador, and still has time... Continue Reading →

Calculated Cruelty Cover

 There it is. The debut of the cover of my next John Steele rural detective book. I like it quite a bit. Okay, I hope no one thinks it looks like the hand is holding a wand. Right. So, recently I committed a murder. Hack and slash type. Wait, before you judge me I want... Continue Reading →

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