The Coldest Water I Remember

How much do you remember about kindergarten? My teacher and learning the alphabet come to mind. Then there was bringing a Star Wars figure to school everyday and building Lego space ships for them with my best friend. One thing I remember vividly was the water fountain outside our room.

This fountain was old and it had a knob you had to turn instead of a button and it was so stubborn that some kids needed help turning it. On a hot day on the playground playing tag you’d go to that water fountain and no other. Why? Because every other fountain in the school was lukewarm, but this one was a cut above. You’d turn that knob and an almost frozen stream would erupt. The worst was dying of thirst cause you just got tagged out and the older kid ahead of you acted like he was going to drink twenty gallons and would never get full. It was that kind of water fountain, and I’ve never tasted one as good or as refreshingly cold since.

The cows are often no different than us. While we have water fountains scattered around the farm, some are more popular than others. I’ve seen a few cows regularly quench their thirst from the same one. They each have the same source of water and the same cleaning done to them by my kids.

They often drink this one almost halfway down. Think you can drink a lot? A dairy cow may take in as much as a bathtub full of water. So if you’re really thirsty, never stand in line behind a cow!

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